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Loss is a moment in time.

Move beyond just simply surviving.  Find ways to step out of the place in which grief has you waiting. Find your new life, your new you, who you are going to become after loss.

  • Grief is Temporary.

  • Grief is Evolutionary

  • Grief is an event in time

It is time to live fully. Get out of the Waiting Room and discover who you can become within this new life.


You can live again.

You can laugh again.

Learn how to reenter life again.


The one responsibility that you have after loss is to make this life count!

-Christina Rasmussen

Invisible Losses

Thoughts after grief stem from fear. Can you live again? Can you be happy again? Can you be whole again? Figuring out the hidden losses that have not been shared, seen and validated will help in taking steps toward living again.

Grief Cleanses

See!  Validate! Acknowledge!

Grief cleanses help us to bring to light and reveal what we are feeling. See the repetitive thoughts. Acknowledge where we are and what is important. Validate the grief, the loss, the self.  This may be the first time that you will feel seen since your loss. Only then can the thoughts be reframed in a way that can help you to break out of the Infinite Loop of grief.


Small steps allow us to have small victories.  Small plugins toward the life that we want to have can help the brain to dispel the fear that is holding us captive. 5% plugins (small actions that represent what you want to move towards) help to create a new landscape, a new path, a new journey.


Let go of the heaviness! Believe that a new life is possible! Create goals! Find your mission in life!

What is your destiny???

Life Reentry

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