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Kristen McIntire LPC, LRP, CRC

Kristen is a grief counselor who specializes in Life Reentry after loss. She is focused on helping people who have experienced loss find their way back to thriving in their new and possibly different life. Due to personal experience and training, she has found that Life Reentry is a powerful way to grow and move forward after loss. Kristen is a Masters Level Counselor, licensed in the state of Pennsylvania, with specialties in both Grief and Disability related issues. Kristen is located in the Pittsburgh area but is available for support via Telecounseling to help you wherever you are located.

Kristen’s mission in life is to help others see that there is the possibility for happiness and life after loss. Grief is momentary experience in life that, while completely devastating, is something that can be experienced, understood and can be used for powerful growth for the future. Grief can cause you to feel that you are alone in what you are feeling and that things will never be good again. It is important to reach out for help when you are overwhelmed. Grief does not need to be experienced alone.